Welcome to Infernal Coliseum

Welcome the newest member of the HK ecosystem!

Infernal Coliseum is an exciting new game where Angels and Demons will compete to conquer lands and ultimately battle it out so see who is the greatest of them all. It centers around a world map which contains two islands, players will battle for the earning of souls from the map and the deployment of XP to gain access to higher tiers of lands. Through the introduction of Seasons players will have a greater level of depth and be able to strategise enjoying the game play and trying new tactics should your last plan fail. The game has many ideas on how to expand in the future. However, we have focused on creating a playable version which can then be layered as we develop.

Thank you for participating and make sure to join us on discord if you’d like to leave suggestions!


HP Delegation

Souls Curation Program on Hive

Welcome to the Souls Curation Program on Hive! We are excited to reward the Souls community for their creativity and contributions to the Hive ecosystem. Our goal is to promote quality content and reward those who actively engage with the community.

How It Works

Delegate Your HivePower: Any Hive user can participate by delegating their HivePower to @infernalcoliseum. There is no minimum requirement; every delegation is appreciated!

Publish Souls Content: Create posts related to Souls and use the #INFERNALCOLISEUM tag in your post. You can discuss strategies, game updates, share your gaming experiences in Souls, and more.

Our Curation: We will use the delegated HivePower to curate your posts tagged with #INFERNALCOLISEUM. If your content is relevant and of high quality, you have a good chance of being curated.

Generous Rewards: You will receive rewards both in Souls and Hive curation rewards. Souls rewards come from our Souls fund and are separate from curation rewards.



With a fully looped economy and team dedicated to listening and implementing improvements that our community suggest we are confident that our token Souls has a bright future ahead.

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Getting Started

To play infernal coliseum you will first need at least 1 hero. Heroes can be obtained by purchasing chests which contain packs or directly from the in-game market. Packs can then be opened in the packs option of the menu. Once you have your heroes, you’re ready to head to the map and earn some souls!


Heroes are the fighters of this game. Each hero has a variety of stats that are used to calculate the hero’s total damage. They also include an element which will be used in later features. Damage cal Current: (ATK x (CRIT x .2)) + (DEF x 3)

Heroes come in 4 different rarities: Common, Rare, Epic & Legendary

Alt text


The map is originally split into 2 sides, Angels or Demons these islands are then split into 16 lands. When you first login you are asked to pick your side, and this will open up the corresponding island. The map is where you can stake your heroes to participate in an early version of the reward/battle system in exchange for SOULS. Each area on the map has a corresponding xp cost to assign heroes there and can only have up to 3 heroes assigned to it each day. Rewards are then assigned based on your collective hero power in each area compared to other players in that area, rewards SOULS once a day.

Hero Distribution System

A player can add up to 3 Hero NFTs to each land. However, their power will add together and only one position will be paid out per account. Infernal Coliseum does not worry about multi accounts because a player will have to acquire the necessary XP to open all the lands thus driving demand for IXP and Souls.

he position percentages are listed below per land:

1st - 20%, 2nd - 15%, 3rd - 10%, 4th - 8%, 5th - 7%, 6th - 6%, 7th - 5%, 8th - 4%, 9th - 3%, 10th - 2%, 11-15th - 1%, 16-20th - 0.8%, 21-30th - 0.5%, 31-40th - 0.4%, 41-50th - 0.2%

We hope this will create many opportunities for players to farm Souls, as well as create a greater level of depth and strategy to the game. Additional positions may be added in the future to allow balancing depending on the number of players within the game. ​

Unclaimed Pool

All the uncollected Souls from lands will be stored in a separate pool and are recycled to form a prize pool each season. The percentages for distribution are:

50% to the top 5 guilds, 15% to the top 10 solo players, 35% roll over to the next season.


The New Implementation to Obtain ICPVTHREE Packages

Alt text

Welcome to the world of Infernal Coliseum! We are pleased to announce that we have implemented a new way to obtain ICPVTHREE packages: staking. Staking is a way to lock your ICPVTHREE tokens to receive an additional reward. Here's how it works:

Every time you have the minimum required amount of staked ICPVTHREE tokens, you will receive one V3 token per week. These tokens will be delivered every two weeks. To obtain a V3 token, you must have 0.5% of the total amount of ICPVTHREE tokens in circulation.

To start staking your tokens and obtain ICPVTHREE packages, you must visit our staking page at the following link: https://game.infernalcoliseum.com/stake. There you can see what the minimum amount required is to receive your rewards.

Remember that staking is currently the only way to obtain ICPVTHREE packages in the game. So don't miss the opportunity to stake your tokens and earn great rewards in Infernal Coliseum!

IXP and in Game XP

IXP is the tokenized version of the original in game XP which unlocks higher tier lands and Guild bonuses.The way to obtain IXP is through a daily pool where Souls are burnt in a system where all players compete in a pool and get back a percentage of IXP depending on their relationship to the total number of Souls burnt. IXP is also available from Chests. Currently 375 IXP is distributed per day in the pool this could change as the new game mechanics evolve. ​Alt text


IXP Token IXP is a tradable token that exists in your Hive wallet. You are able to store this token up and deposit it into the game at a time which suites your strategy most. Once deposited into the game it becomes XP which can never be removed from the game and will be burnt at the end of each Season.

In game XP: XP is the in-game levelling system that unlocks new lands which have increased yields. We hope strategies will evolve regarding how much and how fast you’re in game XP balance needs to be increased. At the end of each season your XP will be burnt, resetting you’re in game balance to 0. Note: THIS DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR IXP BALANCE


There are 2 leaderboards in Infernal Coliseum:

A solo leaderboard where the top 10 players with the most XP at the end of the Season win 15% of the Souls from the Unclaimed Pool. The payout for a solo player starting from position 1 to 10 is: 21%, 17%, 14%, 12%, 10%, 8%, 6%, 5%, 4% & 3%

A guild leaderboard where the top 5 guilds receive a share of 50% of Souls from the Unclaimed Pool. The winning Guild will be the one with the most Total XP from all its players. The Payout for Guilds starting from position 1 to 5 is: 40%, 24%, 16%, 12% & 8%

When Souls are distributed to a Guild the way it is then distributed to its players is: Guild player XP in relation to the Guilds total XP as a percentage. You then receive this percentage of the rewards. The system is designed to reward players who put XP into the game.

XP will be used as the only way to measure a player’s success each season this is reflected in the leaderboard and the player/guild with the most XP at the of the Season will be considered the winner.

Alt text


Seasons length: 8 weeks.

Once the season ends all in game XP balances are reset to 0 and rewards paid to the winners. This should not only allow players to refine strategy but also create a constant demand from all players for the IXP token. As IXP can only be obtained through staking Souls this also creates demand for the games main token Souls. Smaller players will be able to store IXP and either deploy it each season or wait and deploy larger quantities to unlock a higher yielding land from the opening day which on a select season could have greater overall rewards.

We feel this adds more depth and strategy to the game and also creates a strong economic loop between our 2 tokens. We plan to keep the game as simple as we can whilst maintaining and creating a level of fun and fairness for all our players.

PVP (Battle Royale)

Game Overview: This is a multiplayer NFT battle game where each player places 6 NFTs. The objective is to destroy the opponent's NFTs to earn souls.

Hourly Rewards: Every hour, each land will provide rewards to all users on it. Users can claim these rewards, and they will be sent directly to their wallets.

User-to-User Attacks: Users can attack each other to steal resources.

So get ready to fight and win Souls in PVP! Alt text


alfa fase

Market is where you can buy cards from other players as well as list your own cards for sale, it is constantly improving as the game progresses. (https://game.infernalcoliseum.com/market)[https://game.infernalcoliseum.com/market] Alt text


Initially up to 10 players will be able to form as a team they will be able to compete against other guilds earning end of season rewards depending on their overall positioning. Setting up a guild will cost $30 these funds will be used to support the game with features such as the liquidity pool and product development

The rewards will use the unclaimed souls that have been gathered throughout the season and thus there is no inflation to the token. Guilds will compete using the total combined XP value of all the Guild members, this is a fair method as it rewards players that have put IXP/XP and thus souls back into the ecosystem rather than remove them. Guild members will need to work together to unlock “Paths” which will give access to powerful boosts through out the season. This could be as simple as “all members get +1XP per day” to “all member heroes get +10% power when deployed in any Angel land”. Alt text

Information On Guilds

At the moment if you join a guild you can’t leave it (this will change) To upgrade paths power you must burn IXP To unlock more paths the guild must increase its total XP and works like this: 0XP = Max 1 path open

1k total XP = Max 2 paths open 2k total XP = Max 3 paths open 3k total XP = Max 4 paths open 4k total XP = Max 5 paths open

When a new season starts guild XP will return to 0 but all your invested IXP remains If you leave a guild you do not take your invested IXP with you it stays with the guild.

Rewards will be given to guilds at the end of the season

The winning guild will be the one with the most total XP at the end of the season Rewards will be paid out to guilds in both Souls and BUDS

Guilds have a current maximum of 10 players

Guilds costs $30 to create

Ideas for guilds to be implemented: Leaving / kicking from a guild This is something after much discussion that could be open to abuse therefore a proposed idea is:

You can only move/be moved from a guild during a 24 hour window after the season ends and a new season starts. If you leave a guild you get 0 IXP back If the guild leader removes you from the guild they must pay you back 50% of your invested IXP in the guild to be able to remove you.

Rewards Guilds will be paid rewards at the end of the season and those rewards will be split between guild members depending on their XP against the guilds total XP. XP represents how much that player has contributed to the guilds success that season.

Larger Guilds In the future guilds will be able to increase in size, this will increase as the player base increases. At the moment we do not want one “whale” guild to dominate the game with an unfair amount of players.

End of a season and guild rewards The end of a season will be randomised over a 3 hour time window to stop guilds/players being able to snipe winnings from people that live in different time zones. For example a normal days ends at 00.00UTC at the end of the season this maybe anytime from 21.00- 00.00 UTC we will not know.

What are paths? Paths are powerful bonuses that can be upgrade by depositing IXP into them. The guild leader can select the path he feels suits the guilds strategy and then allows the players to donate IXP into it. Note: When donating IXP it only goes into the currently selected path


Fusion can be found on the top of the inventory page. Here you can fuse 2 heroes together to combine their stats for a damage boost, due to the formula used there is no need to add any extra % boost when fusing. E.g., fusing to cards of identical type does not give more power than mixing a common and legendary card. The results from fusing always create a hero with greater power than having the 2 heroes separately. Costs 50 cents in swap.hive or a few other currencies to execute.


the sale of the lands will be stopped until the next expansion (guild battle) is ready

Alt text​​

There will be 32 farmable lands initially available for purchase, with each land being auctioned off one at a time, starting with tier 1 lands and working up to the final tier 3 lands. Auctions will last for 24 hours and will extend by an additional 24 hours whenever a new bid is placed.

How many lands are for sale:

32 farmable lands are initially available for purchase in Infernal Coliseum. The team will be auctioning off each land one at a time, starting with the tier 1 lands and working up to the final tier 3 lands. Auctions will last for 24 hours and will extend by an additional 24 hours whenever a new bid is placed.

What coin will the land be in:

The land sale will be conducted in Souls.

What will lands do:

If you purchase a land, you will be able to use your collectors to start farming materials. These materials can then be used to create runes to power up your heroes.

Are different lands:

Yes, there are 3 different tiers of lands, each with their own unique characteristics and materials.

What do higher tier lands do:

Higher tier lands produce rarer materials, which can be used to create more powerful runes for your heroes.

What do rarer materials do:

Rarer materials can be used to create more powerful runes for your heroes. These runes can provide permanent or temporary boosts to your hero's abilities.}

Do different lands produce different amounts of materials:

Yes, each land has a limited space to spawn and with a unique rarity, they grow in a single terrain and with a unique ratio.

How many collectors can I use per land:

It's not specified in the information provided, but it's likely that the number of collectors that can be used per land will be defined at a later date.

Why are there 3 cities per land:

Each city represents a different type of resource that the land contains. They are visual representations of the different resources that can be found on each land. In the future, each city will have a different use.

How does the expansion work?

The objectives of resource collection in Infernal Coliseum are as follows:

Obtain the materials needed to create runes that enhance the player's heroes.

Take advantage of the unique characteristics of each land to collect different types of materials and create more powerful runes.

Utilize the resources obtained to improve the abilities of heroes and prepare for PVP.

Create an economy within the game through the sale, trading and attachment of runes to heroes and other items.

Provide an additional and in-depth experience to the game, giving players the opportunity to improve their heroes and customize them according to their strategies and preferences.

Alt text