Hero Distribution System

A player can add up to 3 Hero NFTs to each land. However, their power will add together and only one position will be paid out per account.
Infernal Coliseum does not worry about multi accounts because a player will have to acquire the necessary XP to open all the lands thus driving demand for IXP and Souls. T
he position percentages are listed below per land:
1st - 20%, 2nd - 15%, 3rd - 10%, 4th - 8%, 5th - 7%, 6th - 6%, 7th - 5%, 8th - 4%, 9th - 3%, 10th - 2%, 11-15th - 1%, 16-20th - 0.8%, 21-30th - 0.5%, 31-40th - 0.4%, 41-50th - 0.2%
We hope this will create many opportunities for players to farm Souls, as well as create a greater level of depth and strategy to the game. Additional positions may be added in the future to allow balancing depending on the number of players within the game.

Unclaimed Pool

All the uncollected Souls from lands will be stored in a separate pool and are recycled to form a prize pool each season. The percentages for distribution are: 50% to the top 5 guilds, 15% to the top 10 solo players, 35% roll over to the next season.