IXP and in Game XP

IXP is the tokenized version of the original in game XP which unlocks higher tier lands and Guild bonuses. The way to obtain IXP is through a daily pool where Souls are burnt in a system where all players compete in a pool and get back a percentage of IXP depending on their relationship to the total number of Souls burnt. IXP is also available from Chests. Currently 375 IXP is distributed per day in the pool this could change as the new game mechanics evolve.
IXP Token IXP is a tradable token that exists in your Hive wallet. You are able to store this token up and deposit it into the game at a time which suites your strategy most. Once deposited into the game it becomes XP which can never be removed from the game and will be burnt at the end of each Season.
In game XP: XP is the in-game levelling system that unlocks new lands which have increased yields. We hope strategies will evolve regarding how much and how fast you’re in game XP balance needs to be increased. At the end of each season your XP will be burnt, resetting you’re in game balance to 0. Note: THIS DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR IXP BALANCE