Once you have obtained packs from the chests you can then open them with the packs option in the menu. Each contain 1 or 2 hero cards from common to legendary, and 2 goblin/human cards of 3 varieties fisher, farmer, and miner. These goblin and human cards do not have a use implemented yet but will be coming soon!
ICPVONE pack odds Heroes: 1 guaranteed hero with a 50% chance for a second hero card. Goblin/human: 1 guaranteed human/goblin card and a second if second hero isn’t received. V1 Rarity Rates Common: 60% Rare: 25% Epic: 13% Legendary: 2%
ICPVTWO pack odds Heroes: 1 per pack Goblin/human: 2 per pack V2 Rarity Rates Common: 69% Rare: 20% Epic: 10% Legendary: 1%